Benefits of Blog Posts for Your Business

You’ve been avoiding blogging on your site haven’t you? The page is there and it’s empty. You wonder if taking the time to blog is really worth your time. I mean, you can just throw up an instagram post with a longer caption, right?

While it seems that most of your audience is on social media, you’re actually neglecting the traffic you could be getting from Google because you aren’t creating unique content for search engines to find and show in search results. Let’s focus on the benefits of having unique content in the form of blog posts on your website.

Drives organic traffic to your site from search engines.
One of the most vital and important SEO strategies is well thought out blog content. Every time you add a page to your website, you are creating another opportunity for Google to index that page and show your site in search results. If you have 5 pages and zero blog posts, you really only have 5 opportunities to appear in search results. More pages = more opportunity.

Builds your Domain Authority.
As you start to create tons of fresh, relevant content, Google is going to see your site as having a high credibility on certain topics. Therefore, each blog post is building on that credibility. This helps you to rank higher on the search engine, thus getting you more eyes as you move closer to the top of the search engine results page.

Tell your story!
There’s no better way to connect with potential clients/customers than blog posts. Blogs give your readers a look into who you are behind the computer (or the lens if you’re a photographer, etc). Storytelling is the name of the game and sharing who you are helps build the know, like, and trust factors to get a client to hire you over someone else.

Gives you an outlet.
This may not seem like a huge benefit in growing your business or reach, but when you’re in the thick of your workload, you need an outlet. Think of your blog as a place to recharge or fuel your passion. Talking about these topics that you’re passionate enough to do for a living can help you remember your why even on the days when you have a giant to-do list. It can be cathartic instead of a chore.

I hope this inspired you to tackle that blog you’ve been neglecting and create some incredible content for your DREAM clients to take in. Your blog will be the start of something great for you and your business for the long term!